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muslim demonstrators in banghazi angered at a movie think sea ridiculed islam's pro get,o muhammed. but it might have been a cover. official believe militant extremists took advantage of case office to launch a pre-planned attack on the 11th 11th anniversary of 9/11. >> the world must stand together to reject these acts. >> reporter: at the white eshou president obama vowed those responsible for killing u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other employees will be tracked down.wn >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our >> reporter: at the state department, the president met with staffers to express condolences. the second of state made a -- secretary of state made a point to separate the attackers from
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the libyan >> the friend ship from the countries -- between the countries will not be a contact subtle. >> reporter: stevens died during a grenade and nsgunfire attack while trying to evacuate the u.s. consulate. >> unfortunately, we had a regime, they only use -- agains the people. >> reporter: earlier, governor e mitt arromney's statementsst chastising the president's haunting of the region did, handling the region, calm the assassination of a u.s. official off limits for campaign attacks. >> this attack on american individuals and embassies is outrageous, disgusting. di >> reporter: the state kept says also killed were shawn smith, foreign service officer and two other americans whose names have not been
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joining us in the newsroom, wto p national security correspondent.en you and several other outlet reported that the nature of thii attack appears to be pre-planned. that this protest was used as as cover.ed what do we know about who actually was behind it? >> early on today, we started hearing about some details that seemed to start emergingar yesterday t evening about a vido of abu yaya al-libi, which was eulogizing abu yaya al-libi, the number two that was killed in al drone strike back in june. later, we got some details indicating that there was a couple of waves involved thisvov attack, and a couple of locals, cordoned attacks involvingks direct fire, and indirect fire, which suggested this was not just some kind of >> the story has a couple ofof tracks. the protests over this film, which has been offensive to
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those in the muslim world was used to cover this incident, buh iwhat do we know now as far asa similar attacks at other facilities around the world? >> they jacked up security atse all u.s. embassies and consulates, and that means two things: one, immediately they raised the profile outwardly of what people see when they look at the embassy, and secondly, internally, and as far as people within the u.s. government system moving around, what theyh do will be changing as well. >> mitt romney drew criticism today about his statement criticizing the white house. how unusual is it in a political season to be cite sizing a sitting -- criticizing a sittini president?es >> that's a little out of my league, the political part, but everybody that dealt with thist h today recognizes that it's a very serious situation.r and it's one of those situation
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that probably is going to require some cool heads to deal with at this point. >> jj green, we appreciate youri joining us we'll throw it pack to you. >> thanks -- back to you.t let's continue the coverage now. the u.s. ambassador was a career diplomate who specialized middle east hot spots. chris stevens served two earlier tours in libya, including a toud during the revolution, officials began to mourn his death. john hanrahan has a closer look. >> reporter: the flags at the u.s. state department, the white house, and at the u.s. capitolca were flown at half staff to honor the four americans who died in the u.s. consulate in libya, and in the middle of the afternoon, member of the u.s. house of representatives paused for a moment of silence. ambassador jay christopher stevens who the foreign service in 1991 was fluent in arabic ann french, and before he game a
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diplomate -- became a diplomate, he was a peace corps volunteers in morocco. he lived in maryland, where aer residents called him a cool, good guy, laid back. >> there are lots of people at the state department. >> reporter: robin wright knew r him for 25 years. she remembered he would work the streets frequently wherever heen was tlposted in the arab world.o >> he really got out, and he knew everybody, and was willing to risk his life over and over. he took a cargo boat intoin banghazi, and when it wasit understand moamar. m >> robin write believes it stevens had survived the attack, he would have urged the u.s. toh continue to engage with the people and the government of libya. chris stevens was 52 years old. wain washington, john hanrahan, fox 5 news.
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more details tonight about ambassador chris s as we mentioned, stevens serve two tours in libya as was nfirm as ambassador earlier this year. he was the first u.s. ambassador to be killed in an attack since 1979: he was first kidnapped by militants, and executed. muslim and interfaith leaders came together to condemo the deaths of the americans inin libya. here's more. >> the action of those people -- [ inaudible ] there for, this reaction of thi violence is the principles of the teachings ofist lament. >> the leaders joined by the reverend -- well ton of thet interfaith alliance condemned florida pastor terry jones for promoting the anti muslim video that appears to have insighted
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the riots.h here to break it down is dr. shepherd, an academic fellow. thanks for joining us. let's start off with the diplomatic implications here. we know earlier president obama it will not break the bondsbo between the u.s. and libya.. and we will not turn our backs. what do you think this meaning for u.s. relations with libya?b >> libya is a critical and emerging democracy, going through a tough time. with egypt, it's essential that the u.s. can do, with the allies, try to support strongs government structures in libya as well in eexcept. and so these will be essential for the u.s. security. it's not going to be a smooth road, there's going to be bumps and unfortunately, this is one example of the bumps that we've seen, and may well see a fewee a
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others. >> you mentioned egypt. what sort of implication could we have or ifall outwith theth leadership there in egypt? >> the egyptian government willo want to try to maintain goodgoo relations with the u.s., but at the moment, they're not so close to the u.s. as when the -- soe toe u.s. needs to treads carefully to say yes, we wouldye like to support a stablesta egyptian government, where at the same time, allow the ebeginnings to believe they actually are taking their own course. >> let me ask you about the political fallout. mitt caromney being called out u party of his own party -- parto of wnhis own party, criticizing president obama. president obama focused on the tragedy and bringing terrorist to justice. many are calling this a miss step by the romney campaign.ey what are your thoughts? >> in response to major policyr and crisis, it's critical for
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bipartisan approach to unity and support. regardless of what the situatioi is, a local year is challengingh because what we will see is a more unified approach to this, and say look, we need to provide a good strong narrative to help support the u.s. efforts to develop strong stable government structures in these key countries.s. >> certainly the next few days, weeks and months are critical. thank you, dr. and keep it right here on fox 5 for the latest on the still developing story, on air and online at our coverage continues at the top of the hour. as we continue here on the 5, we'll turn the spotlight on some local vile that took thek life of another teenage under our area.ea students say they are on edge as police try to solve two unsolve murders. we will have the latest.. and police in one local county go undercover to bust a
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fencing operation. >> a local professor causes quite an uproar after breast-feeding in front of her class. who is coming to her defense? >> griffin we'll hear from the man himself, and get rgiii'sr latest phenomenon and how it started. >> thanks a lot. beautiful conditions continue but for how long?bu the forecast is coming up. stay with us.  i'm barack obama, and i apapproe this message.  mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding.
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and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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fox 5 is monitoring metrome tonight. a silver spring man is under arrest for peeping you had women's skirt at the station. the man is accused of using his cell phone to record victims. they say he distracted victims tdraw attention away while videotaped understand there skirt. police believe there could be more victims, and anyone that thinks they have a similar encounter to call the police. there's no new information about the murder of march killar
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ross that was chshot to deatht yesterday morning as he walked to central high school, and certainly, nothing new about a motive and that is what has the students here very worried, and they are frightened. especially the ones who have to walk here to school. little over 4 hours after rossr was killed, students at central high were showing off buttons they made in his honor remembering a friend they had known since freshman year. >> to see him -- >> you were a good friend, weren't you?u? >> it's hard, because he did nothing to nobody. he was like, he was a very nice kid. he always in the books. t >> lot of sadness going around, just people mourning the death of markel. he was close to he never really made, like he wasn't a bad person. he was always happy, joyful, no matter, if he was mad, he made other people
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>> reporter: the fact of the case as few as they are have left many students frightened. >> this is the second student it a couple weeks that happened, and they haven't solved her murder case. i watch the news, it's just vere strange, now a kid is afraid to go to school.ol it's horrifying. >> reporter: amber stanley, aa senior at flowers high schoolh was shot in her bedroom by ab gunman who forces hid way intoy -- forced his way into the home. police say there's no reason to believe at this time there's a connection. just after midday today, the principal of central high andand several of his staffers visited the home where ross lived with his mother.. >> we all are mourning the loss of markel and we are planning aa memorial program for him and want to send our kohlsen condolences to the family. >> reporter: he was a student that liked to run track, cans,ca and model -- dance, and model.
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it's a mystery why anyone woulde want him dead. some students are planing a candlelight vigil at the scenesc of the scream. in prince george, paul wagner. news alert also in prince george county. police busted a fences operation that netted $20,000worth of stolen goods. investigators began an undercover operation at the lachey hair salon on they will man road in june. during that operation, policeer say atthey seized thousands oftu dollars in good stolen by professional thieves, and delivered to iothe salon owner. >> this business was so lucrative she stopped doing hair, and she was just buying stolen products and selling it outside the shop she set up a separate store inso the hair salon, and was selling the stolen >> the salon owner actually placed orders for what she wanted thieves to steal. goodman has been arrested.. in woodbridge, virginia, police say dba man stabbed in hi
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home, knows one of the men that attacked he said two men broke into theki house on delmar drive.el one man stabbed him, he's beinge treated for life threatening they took off in the victim's car, with tag number 302506. new information tonight init the death investigation of aga culpeper county timan. medical examiner say the 62-year-old gary cook died of natural causes. yesterday, a maintenance worker found his body in his apartment. prior to his death though, cook was in the process of suing a culpeper employers forem $5 million -- police officers for $5 million about shooting his wife and making a false claim. an investigation reveals an potential danger on the it's a problem the governmente knows about, but some say is not doing enough to fix. sherry lee has a look at whatas she uncovered. >> reporter: shawn, every yearr: hundreds of people die son the
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roads when their cars slam into the back of a semi truck, and then slide underneath. most large trucks have this bar across the back that is to stop the cars from going under, butbu new information shows it's notsh doing the job.j take a look at crash tests done last year by the insurance institute for highway that bar crossed the back called an under ride guard, failed in half the tests. in a real accident, the driverd would probably be dead, but all the these under ride guards mee u.s. safety standards. >> the speed probably wasn'tro that high. at it's just that the under ride guard breaks and once that guard breaks away, there is nothing to stop the car from going underneath.un >> so why is this happening? we'll investigate and share an exclusive interview with a locao woman who survived one of these horrific crashes.c that's tonight on fox 5 news at
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10:00. >> we'll see you then. another beautiful day outside. here's a live look outside right now. boy, it was comfortable, low humidity, just what the doctor ordered. >> this is perfect weather.he gary mcgrady, if we can keep this rolling, everybody in the area will be >> i know we will.. here's my hint. we have some changes coming but the weekend is looking better.le >> i like the sounds of that. >> not that the weekend looked bad, but maybe looks like the weekend's going to be rain-free. h. oh. >> okay. >> >> we're working it for you.yo >> even when you think the weather's great on the boring side, we're back here working for you.yo we do have still this big ridge of high pressure that's keeping us dry.s ry it's keeping us nice, we continue to keep a lot of the humidity levels down. and temperatures are starting ia the upper 50s, and warming into the upper 70s to lowerlo 80s.80 real, real nice., look back to the west.. you find some clouds, you startt getting into the midwest,
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minneapolis, iowa, nebraska, kansas, places like that gettin some showers. s there is a frontal system backt there. it's a fairly substantial frontu the temperatures on the backe ba side of this front are cooling down substantially.s you see some 50s back there inte the dakotas this afternoon. so that's a pretty good push to some cooler air. that whole front comes acrossac initially without it would getld here for saturday and bring usi showers. again, things have changing witc that.ha temperatures are comfort and, upper 70s, 80 here in town, annapolis, good, 77, baltimore, 77, and manassas, 79. looks like a great evening,e again, where we have been the last several days.. we'll take a complete look at the full forecast, the weekend is looking better!et that 7-day forecast, that accuweather 7-day forecast is commenting we are all smiling at the possibility much a rain-free weekend. thank we'll see you soon. we're thing what are we going
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to? barbecue? the park, find a pool? >> a lot of options. also coming up tonight, apple unveils the iphone 5. we'll tell you how it'sh different this time around, owad when you can get your hands onha one. >> a book about the raid that killed bin laden, knocks theth popular page turner off the best seller list. 
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after months of anticipation and speculation, drum roll, please! apple's new i am phone is outph -- oniphone is out. check it out. the iphone 5 is a biggera screen, thinner, lighter designe it also connected to 4 g wireless networks in the u.s., and over 4 g is faster than the currentcu 3g the camera is 8 mega picks else, and the become picks else, and the -- pecks he wills. you can pre-order on line
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friday, and start buying them'sh stores on september 21. somehow, i think shawn might be getting one. >> i'm definitely getting one.g well, the new book about the naphacel raid has knocked --knoc navy seal raid has knocked out top book. the pentagon is threatening legal action against the navy seal. >> how many people are saying i want that iphone 5? >> a lot of people. >> you have to wait for your plan. >> he's yelling me, me. >> i have to wait for my plan to say you're ready for an up grade. otherwise, too much. here's the talker. a breast-feeding battle on the campus of american we're going to speak with asp recover ewho nursed a child ins front of her class. got a lot of people >> students in chicago have been
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forced to sit i'll dell in a teacher -- idle. in a teacher strike. why the same thing could happen up licensed day-care isli muchce shut down in our area. hear what was found inside.
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. >> a controversy is brewing ats american university after a professor breast-fed her baby in front of her class. the professor teaches anthropology. on the first day of class, her child was sick. today, she is speaking out. we have the very latest. karen, so much talk about this. >> reporter: my goodness. adrian pine was teaching aas course in sex, gender and culture when she breast-fed thet baby.e there were about 40 student. pine says she didn't breast feet
5:30 pm
to make a point of the she was breast-feeding because she needed feed a sick and hungry baby.ry talk of the university. students in the class tweeted e about it, adrian herself wrota blog about seit, saying she fed her baby thinking it would be al teachable moment.te >> i've been breast-feeding in public, and on planes, and you know, i mentioned a variety of placing in my article, and id haven't been doing it to assert my right to breast feed, but because my baby's hupping gray. >> reporter: some studentsep orincluding one who took the cls last year are okay with what happened. others think pine could have been a little more discrete. >> i don't think it wason't appropriate to do it in the middle of the classroom of thehe she could have taken the kid out for five, whatever, 10 minutes.0 i think it was unprofessional tn do in front of your students.ud >> if you're not totally exposing yourself, women should
5:31 pm
be able to feed the child whenn they're hungry. >> reporter: breast-feedingte center for greater washington wants to weigh in. we stopped by one of their classes in breast pump basics.. >> the fastest way for a baby to recover from a germ she was exposed to is to get thege freshest milk from the tap. >> reporter: and when babies are hungry, mothers want to feed them to stop them from crying. >> definition of a woman breast-feeding in the classroom or on the job in any situation, as being unprofessional, kind of highlights the fact that we still think of the work a masculine place. >> reporter: and in 2012, is the issue still that publict breast-feeding is that poo? >> i -- that poo? >> i think it should be fine. >> i think she did the right thing, that she was able to do
5:32 pm
at the time.time >> reporter: pine says she hassh not been fired or reprimanded be the university. she says she hopes this will lead to a broader conversationoa about the challenges of mothers in the workplace. >> one thing is for sure. people are talking about it. setting off a bunch of chatter. now, we ask our facebookur friends if pine was out of line or within her rights. samantha wrote she was feeding her child, not committing murder. i don't know why they are makinh a big deal eyabout it. tracy breast-fed her children. i do think the classroom was not the proper place during a class. i personally wouldn't do it, but i'm not going to judge her in her decision.on. we invite you to join the conversation on inour facebookfa page. developing story we arery watching here on fox 5. could teachers in dc strike juke as they are in chicago?
5:33 pm
-- just as they are in chicago? right now, they are increasing a new contract, and on the table, same issues being debated inss chicago.ue we have both side, including the former mayor's take. >> reporter: the mayor is saying teachers shouldn't get a raise and stay employed because ofbe seniority. he believes they have to improve their skills. you'll remember he fought the union hard on that issue. well, a new contract for teachers is being put toput together now in dc, and tougher teacher evaluations are being looked at again. everyone was in red at the headquarters, and thought dc schools. this picture was sent to chicago teachers as a sign of support.go many of the teachers in theache district of columbia are living vicariously through the chicago teachers union. >> reporter: the president obamt of the union says -- the president of the union says negotiations on a new contract are moving forward here in dc,
5:34 pm
but there are a few sticking points. a strike hasn't been ruled out. >> teachers say we want to go on strike. we don't think we're getting the results we need from this school system. then i will support a strike. but until such time, the members aren't saying that. >> reporter: former mayor note took on r:the teachers union whe in office is supporting a move to load teachers more accountable in chicago. >> for years, you know, teachers unions have fought forf essentially automatic pay increases just like being there for a long time, and automatic tenure. and in most organizations, yous know, there has to be more accountability so that people feel their jobs are on the line, and they've got to do better. >> reporter: he says it wasn't easy politically to mandate teaching standards.ta but he points to the success ofc higher test scores andsco graduation rates. and now he supports currentcu
5:35 pm
chancellor henderson's continued efforts to n'strengthen teacher evaluations. >> to me, it's just important like the current administration, current city council, all of us who are residents. to support her, she knows what needs to be done.s she's the expert. >> reporter: but saunders sayss the education reform wasn't fair to teachers and didn't accomplish what was >> the improvements have been minimal at best. it's been a while since wesi talked to former mayor fente. he gives comments on the federal investigations within city politics since he left officeef almost two years ago, that he coming up. >> he's been hard to track down on some of that. we look forward to that.o let's move to virginia.k two wide bridge women are under -- wood bridge women are under arrest for running a unlicensed day-care from their home. the house where 21 children werh found under the care of two adults. the children from 3 months to 4 years old, police found strappen car seats ind the house,
5:36 pm
including a bat loom and closet. policed ad the women r -- police arrested the women. they are pot charged with 7 -- both charged with 7 counts of reckless endangerment of a chile. a rabid beaver has been found in fairfax county. over the weekend, the rodent attacked a group of children at the hidden pond nature center.n. the officers eventually shot and killed the beaver because of its aggressive tests show it tested positived for rabies. nobody was bitten. coming up, the health alert. a new test that could lead tot the early detection of autism in children. we'll have the details. and mcdonald's follows theth lead of many our fast food restaurants. we'll tell you about the changes to the menu.
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visit contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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he. sign have developed adev genetic test for they youred data from more thatm -- orthey used data from more tn 3000 people, measuring markers,a which contribute or protect an individual from autism. scientists could determine the overall risk of developing thevo condition. the test correctly predictedpr autism with more than 70%n accuracy. a new study shows weight gain following a tons electiong my me be gained to a -- tonsillectomy might be gained to a child's age.'s they found children under the age of 6 were more likely to gain weight post surgery. only variable link to the weight gain was the children's age. counting calories at the golden arches is getting easier. mcdonald's is adding calorie information.
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mcdond's presidentmc mapped dothe announcement she ss the 3406 will help family make more informed decisions about what they eat. we know this education process will take some time. but we believe it will helpl better serve our customers, and serve employees.em mcdonald's is unveiling a brand new smartphone app where families can create meals, and check nutritional information to help them order. >> no excuses now. really.. that's the bottom line. >> i think it's already on menus in montgomery county.y >> i think you're right.u' i think i've reseen it, and i rd they are considering grilled mcnuggets. lower those calories. why late night talk showlk host david letterman and actor dustin hoffman are about to find themself in company they probably never expected. >> it's a part of homeland security you may not think about. this is a facility where they train dogs to help keep all of
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us i'm beth parker, the story coming up. >> and we could see some changes in the gary's back with your forecast. anncr: this casino's i in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. you wouldn't expect penny there to puggle through winter without being fed? well i'm not a vet but she'd starve probably! and so will your lawn, man! fall is the most crucial feeding of the year. it's the time when roots rebuild and store up nutrients for winter. now's the time to feed it
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we know dogs are man's beste friend, but they can can an invaluable actual for solving crimes. beth parker was with some of these dogs as they celebrated at major milestone.he take a look. >> are you ready?y good girl. >> reporter: this black lab named madison is on a mission. when she stops, you know she's found what she's looking for. >> what a good girl! good girl! >> reporter: she's discovered a trace of something explosive inx a madison's handler is kathy barton, they are part of the 100th graduation at the national k9 training and operation center in virginia.
5:46 pm
it is run by the atf. >> these are top notch dogs, able to detect over 19,000 different combinations of explosive odors. >> reporter: 19,000 different explosives odors. hank is a deputy u.s. marshall, grating and heading home to spokane, washington with his partner. >> we're providing protective sweeps around federal courthouses and different areasi so he'll be working as soon asor we get back. >> reporter: they've train thedt together hefor the past ten ween 7 days a week. >> they never remember my name, they will remember >> reporter: this this class,i theres are two u.s. marshals ad 8 member of the miss forth in tie -- of the police force inin thailand. >> reporter: they have traineda 470 dogs who work in 21 different countries. but their training does not sto the day they >> once they leave here, it'she not like rethey leave and they'e done.
5:47 pm
we make sure they are kept inkep healthy condition, and make surk they e are proficient in bulbi ability to dee -- in being ablee to detect the odors.od >> the dogs were used to gathert evidence in the washington sniper shootings and other countless high profile cases.le >> in preventing terrorism, they are he replaceable. >> are you kidding me? it's awesome, great. where do you get a partner that doesn't talk back to you? you know, they respect you be love you, regardless.rega it's awesome.ite. very rewarding.rd sweety. >> reporter: solving cases catching criminals and building relationships that last. bet parker, fox 5 news. >> got to love those guys. >> very nice.ry can we jump ahead and talkdn about maybe a rain-free weekend? >> if you'd like. ike >> you have to say something. >> right. >> have to have that little nugget so they stick around? they are not just here for my
5:48 pm
charm? >> right. [ laughter ] ] >> no? apparently not! [ laughter ]ug >> it is a great looking picture ow there. it's pretty good. we could just hit fast forward and get right on through this,ug because basically, it's more of the same. so why don't we do it this way. let's start off with theth two-day. on friday, we think there's going to be a few more clouds, but still nice. it will be friday night now that we're talking about the possibility of some showers but it does look like friday will be good. lower 80s or so for tomorrow, again, humidity stays stillsta very, very comfortable, and ior think little cooler upper 70s,up lower 80s on friday. and more clouds. 80 degrees white now here in thi cityte.ty quantico is 78. this evening, let's see, just like last nice, just like the evening before that, it's just going to be great. b 76 out there at 7:00 p.m., and
5:49 pm
we cool down into the 70s and 60s by 11:00 p.m. nice at 9:00 p.m., fair skies at 11:00 p.m., so real, real goodre out there. in terms of the satellite and radar, believe it or not, this is satellite and radar combined but i can't find any clouds on here. i see a spec of green, but if w fly back, this is all compliments of that big area of high pressure we started talking d about that on monday. it was just going to control the weather pattern, all week long,o and that has been the case. you notice back out to the west though and to the northwest here, this is minnesota, we're here, you not illinois, -- you got illinois.l storms are firing up, very weak storms.. there's a frontal boundary heren and that willta come through anu change things for us. not really hot anywhere out upot the high pressure, but you notice , the cooler temperatures coming in. here's the front, it's moved through lincoln nebraska.intern5 the wake of , the front,
5:50 pm
temperatures in the but it wasn't long ago that in the dakotas, temperatures were in the 50s late this morning and denver right now, it's still at 53 degrees, so some pretty nice cool, comfortable airai coming down, and as this front comes through friday night, that's when i think we'll have a chance for showers. tonight, 61 degrees, clear skies, light wind.s, 50s will be in the suburbs and tomorrow, loads of sunshine, on through the day. it wilhrl be a lot like we'll make it back up into theba cklower 80s. so nice tomorrow.sorr this is your fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast. some clouds on friday. we'll put the rain in friday night as owe proked to saturday. busch opposed to saturday.t. we'll put an early shower in onn saturday, but that's before sunrise. we'll have clouds for the weekend, we get unsettled again as we start moving into monday, tuesday and wednesday. there's your forecast. we're following somewe breaking news'r right now out of baltimore. we understand there has been a
5:51 pm
shooting on the campus of morgue state july. -- morgan state university. the city police are confirming a man has been shot, a male hasa been shot on the morgan statean university campus.sity he was shot in the stomach and transported to the hospital. police and morgan statest university police are there on the scene.en one person shot on the campus and morgan we rare waiting to see if theth campus is on lock down. this is still a developing story, and we get moreg information. we will update you coming up onp the news at 6:00 p.m. pace, with a look at the -- changes pace, in a week, robert griffin iii has not only sparked a nationwide craze, but he's taken some hardware.ha dave ross is here with the latest on rgiii and the skins, how did i do? >> i'll give you a solid 7.
5:52 pm
well, not bad, not bad for the first attempt. but what fia first week for robo given iii. today, he was named nfc offensive player of the week, and he started a trent trend -- trend when he got his first touchdown look what he dose, going to puto the arms does, the fingers arear out, index fingers, and thatd struck this phenomenon.en people sending me tweets and twitter picks. people tweeting and doing the griffinning at pillar, you see here, some -- at baylor, you see some people doing it at work. w we cannot confirm this is at fox 5, and youngsters getting involved. 3-year-old calvin, i don't know if it was his doing or parents, but we asked robert, what are your thoughts on the craze? >> who would have thoughtou getting knocked on your butt and throwing a touchdown would start a phenomenon like that. it is what it is. and griffin, whatever they wallet to call it, i'm -- want
5:53 pm
to call it, i'm not opposed topo i haven't seen anybody do t a teammate made fun of me, like i started it on purpose, but it is what it is.. people will have fun with what they want to have fun >> i thought deon started i'm not surprised. he's the man. >> everybody hopes to see more griffinning when the convince travel to st. louis -- when the skins travel to st. louis. let's go back to brian.n. >> get him off his butt. now to >> exclusive with form fur dc mayor fenty. what he has to say about the current state of dc politics. a major step in the release of a maryland man jailed latest on the aftermath inaf libya, teand the political fallt from the deadly attacks. see you at 6:00
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> i don't like the fact they e made me to the be the nicee judge. i'm the nice guy now. what do you make that have? >> reporter: as the mentor, simon took home 10 grounds in a1 side bet, but l.a. is ready for round 2. >> you want to do it again?
5:59 pm
>> double or nothing. >> deal? >> there we go. >> reporter: with no host named for season 2, simon shared his thoughts on rumored candidate chloe kardashian. >> i think she would be great. she would be good.b i like the idea. thank for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> the news starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news. united states condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. >> americans understand attack in libya. in the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, and three otherr americans dead following a vicious foattack on the u.s. consulate. word the assault was carefully planned. the president says whoever isoe behind it will be found

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